1983(?) US Fender Standard Telecaster for $800 OBO (Boston CL)

00W0W_2NfV8JJyaev_600x450Here’s one for the Fender detectives.

Seller says it’s an 83.  It’s got the E3 headstock serial number, but the Vintage Guitar Price Guide says the 83-84 US Fender Tele only came in blonde or ‘burst.  That said, we know there were some leftover E3 necks used in the late 80s for Strats (one of the more notorious examples being the very first run of the Strat Plus in 87 or so).

So, this is either the last of the US Teles (Dan Smith era) before CBS sold the company, or the first of the US Teles afterwards.

In any case, $800 OBO is a decent price for a very cool 30 year old Fender that looks to be in nice shape.


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