92 MIJ Fender P-Bass Lyte – in fretless! $375 (LA CL)

00e0e_bD72eLssVNT_600x450I think these are really cool, and under-rated axes. I didn’t know they made them in fretless; I’ve never seen one so you might want to make sure this is factory-option, not a conversion.

In my opinion, the Lyte series got a bad rap.  They’re very “1990s” and so light they feel a bit like a toy guitar.  I didn’t take them seriously until I played one a few years ago.  But when your chiropractor tells you to get rid of the 12 pound G&L El Toro and get a bass that won’t crush your left shoulder and compress your spine, this becomes a very viable option….

$375 on the LA CL


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