About this Site


As you might have guessed, I’ve tried to consolidate a few things into one site.

My bass playing stuff is here.

The fund I created in memory of my late wife Julie is here.

And the gear junkie ramblings are in the posts that you see at the top of the site.  Hit the “Home” button above to go to them.

As for the gear posts, let me share a few thoughts.

My goal is just to write about cool gear.  Often, it will be linked to a “for sale” ad.  Sometimes it will be stuff I own or have recently tried out in person.

As a general rule, I’ll post about it if:

• It’s a bargain;

• It’s just way too cool;

• It’s rare and/or interesting; or

• All of the above.

Most of the things you’ll see here are from my local area, Southern California.

Please note that, unless expressly stated otherwise, I have no affiliation and/or make no guarantees about gear I post.  I get nothing out of the sale (unless I specifically state that the gear is mine, of course).

If you want to find out if something you see here is still for sale, follow the links and get in touch with the person who owns it.  And, but the way, there are some seriously freaky people out there, so be careful.  You should always take proper precautions when meeting people with stuff for sale — only meet in public spaces, take a large and intimidating friend with you, do the cash transaction at a local bank, etc.  

Please feel free to comment about the gear, but understand that due to the ungodly number of spammers, I will have to personally approve any comments before they appear.  Sorry, but the internet sucks that way….

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