Burny Randy Rhoads Les Paul (LA)

When you think about guitar players and their “signature” guitars, there’s a few that jump to mind quickly: Jimmy Page and the flame top Les Pauls, Clapton and the black Strat, Hendrix and the white Strat… But for everything I love about his playing, when I think of Randy Rhoads I will always see that polka […]

Guild M-85 reissue for $725 (Prescott, AZ)

Here’s a cool one for you… Reissue of the Guild semi-hollow M-85.  These were long gone, but are now being produced again, under the Newark St. Collection subtitle. Used market has them at least $125 more than this, if not higher.  This one looks to be in good shape, too. http://prescott.craigslist.org/msd/5152188843.html