Burny Randy Rhoads Les Paul (LA)

When you think about guitar players and their “signature” guitars, there’s a few that jump to mind quickly: Jimmy Page and the flame top Les Pauls, Clapton and the black Strat, Hendrix and the white Strat…

But for everything I love about his playing, when I think of Randy Rhoads I will always see that polka dot Flying V.  I had to look it up, it was made by a company called Sandoval.  His other iconic axe was a white Les Paul Custom.

Burny, a Japanese company with a very good pedigree, apparently made a RR signature LP Custom.  And it looks KILLER.  If I wasn’t looking to off a few things right now, I’d be trying to grab this.  And if I do off a few things quickly, I might go after it anyway…

$900 on the LA CL: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/msg/5208157447.html


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