DPLE I Lakland Skyline JO4 (reverb.com)


I’m not entirely sure this is a DPLE I, but I know that Lakland didn’t do very many matching headstock basses in the Skyline series back in those days.  The only thing that makes me hesitate is that nearly all of the 23 or so LE’s came with a J-Retro preamp; this one does not.

For those that don’t know, there used to be a bass guitar forum called The Dude Pit.  Yes, it was a terribly stupid (and weirdly homoerotic) name.  The Dude Pit became the popular successor to an email list called The Bottom Line, which kind died out as forums replaced the old mass email lists on the internet.

The guy running the Dude Pit was an early fan boy of Lakland, and helped get the word out about them.  Lakland did a limited edition run for Dude Pit followers, a Skyline series Joe Osborn jazz bass in Sherwood Green with a matching headstock.  I’ve never played one, but they were supposedly pretty sweet axes.

The Dude Pit suffered a spectacular collapse in 2006 or 2007.  Oddly enough, it had quite a bit to do with the second limited edition Lakland did for the Dude Pitters. DPLE II was a Skyline Bob Glaub precision bass in white with matching headstock, jazz neck, and a single Dark Star pickup.  There were delays in getting the axes to people — and then the accusations started to fly about why it was taking so long.  You can scout around the internet yourself and get the story if you care to spend the time.  In the end, in my opinion, Lakland built a killer bass, made good on the orders, and polished their reputation for quality and stellar customer service.

This is probably a killer bass, even if it isn’t a DPLE I.  I’d be a little concerned about the condition, it looks as if there might be more than a couple dings on the top but then again it just might be the low resolution pix.


4 thoughts on “DPLE I Lakland Skyline JO4 (reverb.com)

  1. Hey Duke, i’m actually in process of aquiring this bass. I sent an MIJ p bass to trade against it and Sylvan music in Santa Cruz should be shipping the bass to me in The next day or so. I found your post while scowering google for info on DPLE Is. I was able to get the serial no. over the phone and it starts with “JO02…..” making it a 2002 bass. The folks at the store assumed that Lakland pickups are in the bass because the previous owner didn’t say otherwise(although he was a Lakland employee). My guess is there a fralins in the bass because Lakland brand pickups weren’t used until around ’07. Although it’s possible a lakland employee got a hold of a DPLE and upgraded to an all passive lakland setup. It’s kind of driving me nuts but i’ll know more once the bass is shipped to me. If you would rather correspond by email i am totally game.


    1. Hey Evan!
      Thanks for posting here!
      I’m pretty sure you are correct about those being Fralins. That’s all they used in those days. In fact, I don’t think they even started using Aeros until a bit later when Darryl Jones came on board.
      Lakland employees were known to do one-offs. I’ve seen a couple that Carl Pedigo did for himself and some he did for Dan Lakin, too. The shop was a pretty small place in those days, wonder which one of them made it out to Santa Cruz (which is a pretty nice place to be, particularly after a Chicago winter….)

  2. I was actually an original owner of a DPLE I…sold it with the stipulation that it would be sold back to me if it was ever on the block…and I’m getting it back this Thursday!

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