Early 80s Ibanez Strat Copy – $250 (LA CL)

For $250, this is a damn good guitar.  My high school buddy Pete Wermecke had one of these.  We were in jazz band together.  He left it on a chair, with the cord plugged in.  I tripped over the cord, and the guitar went flying.  It was pretty much demolished, and I felt awful about it.  Pete’s parents got him a nice Ibanez neck-thru Artist doublecut after that, in a really cool off-white.

I did my first real gigs with Pete and a cover band that included Dave O’Brien on drums and Janet Fahey (my high school girlfriend) on guitar.  Looking back, my guess is that we were an average band with a below-average singer (me) and a crummy name (“RISQ” — hey,cut me some slack, it was the mid-80s).

I lost track of Pete after college, but then he emailed me after I moved to California.  We met up for beers on one of my visits back East, then he vanished again.  Don’t know if he’s still outside Boston, or if he finally moved on.  Anyway, when I see these old Ibanez axes, I think of him, and doing my first paying gigs at 18 years old in the Boston suburb bars…

For $250 on the Los Angeles CL: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/msg/4951506022.html00303_d5ufJa13Na3_600x450

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