Very early Sunn amp – with “smiley” logo

Sunn amps, at the risk of adding to the growing hype, are bananacakes.  In a good way.

I rescued a late 60’s 1200S from a co-worker who had it in his garage for a decade or three.  When my tech got it going again, it turned out to have monstrous tone rivaling an SVT — at 30 pounds lighter.

Sunn, like many other amp companies, eventually switched away from tubes to solid state amps.  They went under, and Fender eventually bought the name and reissued a few models, more in name than design and performance.  That said, a good friend had a Sunn reissue Model T that sounded amazing…

Unfortunately, the vintage Sunn amps have gotten expensive and the big bass amps (1200 and 2000 models) now rival their high-wattage Ampeg brethren in terms of cost.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this logo, so I’m taking the seller’s word that it’s the real deal.  This one is probably for the collector more than the player, but it’s a cool glimpse into the early design.

$1500 on the Boston CL:

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