Vintage Acoustic 301 Bass Cab $400 (LA CL)

imageMany years ago, when I was just a pup, I nearly bought one of these cabinets (and a matching 371 head).  A small Mom & Pop music store in Western Massachusetts had taken one in trade.  It sounded phenomenal, and shook the walls like no other amp I had every tried.  It was the first serious bass amp I had ever seen for sale in a price range that I could afford, provided that I lived on half my normal ramen noodle ration for about three or four months.

At that time, I lived in a small 8-unit building; the only way in and out was a steep flight of about 15 stairs that ran straight up to a space that only Dostoyevsky could love.  I shared this living space with the future ex-Mrs. Duke and an ornery black cat.  “I can make this work,” I thought….

Somehow, in the time I was saving up those dollars, either sense overtook my desire for killer tone, or the store sold the amp to somebody else.  I don’t recall which one moved the giant mass of awesome away from my path, but it would be many years before I found that tone again…..

For sale on the LA CL


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