Vintage Ampeg SVTs for $1000 (Connecticut and Delaware)

I love these amps the way high school outcasts love black trench coats.

These are undeniably the standard in high wattage bass amps.  They are getting ungodly expensive, and for good reason.  They have all that we hold to be holy and divine: tone, overdrive, and volume that will hold up to insane drummers and Marshall stacks.

Speaking of God, He called me the other night and told me to turn mine down.

If I thought I could get the seller to ship either of these for less than $200, you wouldn’t be reading this.

(And yeah, in case you were wondering, I had a black trench coat….)

00A0A_cyJBxMP7tYl_600x450This one in Connecticut is just the head.  Looks to be early 70s by the black rocker switches.  Seller is offering a 30 day warrantee, too.

00P0P_cgW63z8GOOi_600x450This one in Delaware looks to be later 70s (white rocker switches) and comes with what appears to be a matching 8×10 cab.  From the pic, I’d guess that somebody spray pained the cab grill cloth black; who knows how hammered the rest of it is.  But for $1000, if the head is clean, you could leave the cab on the curb and STILL be way ahead of the game.

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